Having a reliable light source is important during an emergency or a power outage.  In previous posts, I have reviewed flashlights, emergency lights, and headlamps.  In this post, I’ll review a larger light that you will want to have in your home.

The Energizer Weather Ready LED Night Light is a hand-held lantern that has multiple lighting modes that can be used depending upon the situation.  It can fold open and provide 360º illumination or it can remain folded and offer more directional lighting.  It has a night light which uses very little power along with a two multi-mode LED lights that have two brightness settings.  According to the manufacturer, this unit can provide 135 hours of operation on one set (4x D-cells) of batteries.  This is a long time and will come in handy during extended power outages.

I’ve had a pair of these for several years now and really like them.  They are rugged and have worked well during the last few power outages.  Lanterns like this complement the other flashlights and emergency lights I keep around the house, so I am glad I have these.  Normally, I keep one in the kitchen and one in my closet although you could also carry one of these in your car or keep one in your office.

Next time you see one of these online or at a local retailer, pick one up and see what I am talking about.  Small, compact lights are great to have but sometimes, you need a big lantern like this to really light things up.

Overall Rating:  7/10

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Let’s say things really go wrong, you are knocked out and can’t talk.  Oh, and your cell phone and wallet aren’t on your person.  Luckily, somebody finds you but does not know who you are, what your blood type is, if you have any known allergies, or who to contact in an emergency.  All this could cause delays in administering proper medical care and notifying family members.

This happens more often that you think, with serious consequences.  Thankfully, there is a product that you can buy that will help lessen the likelihood of this happening.  Its called the Road ID and one of them looks like this:

They make a lot of products in different styles and formats but the common feature is all of them can give a first responder critical information during an emergency.  Its similar to dog tags that military members wear or driver medical information sewn into the Nomex™ suits of race car drivers.  Having that information handy saves lives, so you should get one today.

I’ve had mine for several years now and wear it when I am hiking, biking, or doing other outdoor activities where I don’t have my wallet or cell phone handy.  Its a great back up to have too in case any of your other ID sources are stolen or destroyed.  Take a look at the Road ID website and see which one is right for you but I urge you to buy one of these today.  The life you save could be your own…

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Not only does the National Rifle Association fight for your Constitutionally-guaranteed right to bear arms.  They sell a lot of helpful items through the NRA store too!

Let’s face it, when TSHTF you will be on your own.  This applies to both personal protection (hence the need for firearms and ammunition) and preparation (hence the need for tools and skills).  The NRA can help you with both and ensure that free, law-abiding citizens remain that way.

I strongly recommend that every free man and woman in this country take steps to prepare themselves.  This lessens dependence, teaches self-reliance, and makes the prepared person an asset to their community.  You should arm yourself, join the NRA, and sharpen your shooting skills too.  Hopefully, you will never need to use your firearms or weapons skills, but it is better to have them and not need them than need them and not have them.  As my friend Kevin is fond of saying “Firearms ownership is a gateway drug to freedom.”

Even if you aren’t a member of the NRA, you can shop at the NRA Store.  They have books, tools, and other items that can help you prepare for the worst.  I’m going to review some of the items on the site in future posts, but in the meantime, hop on over there and see what they have.  Your gateway drug to freedom should include making robust preparations during periods of relative calm.  Oh, and shopping at the NRA Store also supports upholding your Second Amendment rights so its a two-fer.

Great shop for a great cause!

A while back, I discovered how useful headlamps were.  They are a lot easier to work with than carrying a flashlight and whatever they lack in light output, they more than make up for with hands-free operation.  So I purchased a Petzl Tikka Plus several years ago at REI and LOVE IT!  Its one of the best purchases I have made, so I got another one for my Bug Out Bag.

Why do I like it so much?  The four LEDs put out a good amount of light and have multiple modes (three brightness settings plus strobe function) you can use.  It weighs less than 3 ounces and has a comfortable, adjustable headband that is just the right thickness for adult human heads.  I’ve used mine on camping trips for many years and don’t know how I lived without one.

Petzl makes a wide range of other quality products like this one.  If you are looking for a headlamp, this one is hard to beat.

Overall Rating:  9/10

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When the starting gun goes off, will you be ready?

When you get started in your preparations, you don’t have to be perfect.  Preparation is an ongoing process and you won’t get everything right at the beginning.  It’s ok, just getting started and making a commitment to be prepared will make you better able to handle adversity.  Imperfect preparation today trumps perfect preparation tomorrow.

Here are some questions that can help you get started.  Think about how you can take action TODAY and incrementally improve your preparation.

  • Do you have flashlights and batteries for when the power goes out?
  • How much fresh water do you have?
  • Does your home have several fire extinguishers to put out small fires?
  • What canned or dry foods do you have in your pantry?
  • Do you have a safe place to take shelter in the event of a storm?
  • Have you taken a CPR class over the last three years?
  • When was the last time you checked your home first aid kit?
  • What weapons do you have that can protect yourself and your family from criminals?
  • Do you have emergency numbers written down and handy?
  • How secure is your house?
  • Do you have any emergency shelter items ready?
  • Is your battery-powered radio in good working order?
  • What skills do you have that can assist your community during a disaster?

Remember, these activities don’t have to cost a lot of money or involve a lot of time.  Think about how people eat pepperoni.  Its enjoyed one slice at a time on pizza and sandwiches, not by eating the whole sausage at once!  Think about preparation the same way, take it one slice at a time.

Don’t put this off, make a commitment to getting started with preparedness!

One thing you need to have in an emergency is a good battery-powered radio.  If you want a great one, consider buying this one:

I purchased a Sony ICF-SW7600GR a few years ago based upon several outstanding recommendations and reviews.  Its an AM/FM/SW radio that is well-built and easy to use.  Many people use this as their everyday radio, especially in more remote areas.  The quality is second to none (Made in Japan), which is great when you have to rely upon it during bad times.

After I purchased mine, I created several lists of channels that I can access during an emergency.  I also set the clock so I can use it as a clock-radio alarm if the power is out for a long period of time.  The AA batteries in it will last over 40 hours, giving you a lot of time between changes.

The only downside to this unit is that the short-wave radio can only be tuned in 1kHz increments.  This isn’t a problem if the radio station you wish to tune in uses whole numbers like BBC (ex. 11910 MHz).  However, many broadcasters like NOAA Weather Radio use fractional frequencies (ex. 162.425 MHz) to transmit their signals.  This can be a problem because you won’t be able to hear broadcasts from FEMA, NOAA, local police, and other official agencies.  Just keep this limitation in mind if you are thinking about purchasing this radio.

Overall Rating:  7/10

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What firearms should you have?  That’s a simple question that can have many answers.  However, in the interest of clarity and simplicity, you should have three.  Call it the holy trinity of protection, the triad of firepower, the troika, a firearms trio or something else, but your arsenal should include three guns.

My friend Kevin over at Misfires and Light Strikes wrote about this a while back and shares what he has.  Give it a read and some thought, it may help your decision-making process as you arm yourself.  Also, stop by his website and read some of his other postings.  Kevin is a great guy, a good friend, and an informed individual so keep his site in your bookmarks.

A while back I posted about my first firearm, which is a Mossberg 500.  Having a self-defense firearm is great, but it needs to be ready to use when the need arises.  So how does one do that?

I use the Gun Grabber 110QR and think it is a great product. My Mossberg is safely and securely mounted upright in my safe room, ready to grab at a moment’s notice.  Its proudly Made in the USA of the highest quality materials and is a great design.  Gun Grabber Products makes a range of gun mounts for civilian, police, and military use that keep weapons upright and ready to use for both vehicular and domicile applications.  Its a great product that I use and recommend to anybody may need one for their weapons.

Overall Rating:  9/10

Chances are you own vehicles that have pneumatic tires on them.  The problem is that they can lose air due to porosity, punctures, or catastrophic failure.  All these will eventually result in flat or destroyed tires that will prevent your wheeled vehicle from moving.

How do you prevent this from happening to your car, truck, van, Jeep®, SUV, trailer, ATV, UTV, motorhome, tractor, motorcycle, or bicycle?  The best product out there that prevents flats and reduces porosity air loss is Ride-On® from Inovex Industries.  They produce several different formulas that are specifically designed for various types of tires (ex. autos, motorcycle, ATV/UTVs) you may have.  Ride-On TPS has been around since the mid-90s and has been used world-wide by military, government, and civilian vehicle fleets.  I’ve been using the Auto/SUV formula in my vehicle for the past year and believe in it.

To find out more information, you can go to the manufacturer’s website and browse for more specific information.  You can click here to order the correct Ride-On® formula for your vehicles.  I would strongly suggest doing so in order to keep your tires properly inflated and ready to roll.  A flat tire is a liability so take steps now to prevent that from happening.

Click here to order the correct Ride-On formula for your wheeled vehicle(s)

You checked your batteries and you have corrosion.

What do you do now?

One helpful battery corrosion remedy it is to use baking soda and water to neutralize and remove it.  Here’s an article from a few years back that walks you through the simple steps that will get your battery-powered items cleaned-up and running again.  Don’t have time to click on the link?  Well, here’s what you do:

For flashlight and other small electronic devices, first remove the batteries, then use a paper towel to gently wipe away light corrosion. Use two tablespoons of baking soda and a little water — just enough to form a paste. Apply the paste to the battery terminals, and the corrosion should foam up and go away. Wipe all the areas with a clean, damp cloth, and dry everything well.

All this only take a few minutes and costs only pennies per use.  Its a great way to save money, maintain equipment, and be ready.