I don’t watch much television because most of the content is vapid and uninteresting. However there are certain genres that are compelling…in small doses. The First 48 was one of those shows for me because it was disturbing yet fascinating television. It was about death, life, and justice in the real world. Back when I had cable television, I would watch it from time to time because it was gripping.

Not long ago, I read an article that is worth linking. It is called 10 Things about Murderers we Learned from “The First 48” and offers some interesting observations about criminals. A few that stand out include:

2. Most victims don’t die for anything big. They are killed in petty disputes, or in the pursuit of de minimis thefts.

3. There’s usually a lot of emotion involved in a murder. The exceptions are the robberies.

5. Victims’ lives often parallel their murderers’, closely. For example, those shot by dope peddlers are usually fellow dope peddlers. Others are victims of their own bad taste in romantic partners. A few had the bad fortune to own something shiny that caught the eye of Self Esteem Generation, who killed them to perpetrate thefts.

HT Ace of Spades