Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.

Credit: Ricochet

One could say that Big Government begat Big Law. Jon Gabriel over at Ricochet delves into this issue and delivers this gem:

A state dedicated to ever-expanding rules requires ever-increasing enforcement. For years we’ve seen SWAT-style raids over organic farming, zoning violations and minor drug infractions. We meekly accept “free-speech zones” on college campuses and at political conventions, in which dissent is corralled into cages and supervised by armed guards.

The expansion of the state naturally encroaches upon the rights of the governed, which creates mistrust between the two. As we have seen in Ferguson, MO, this can have harmful affects that are felt far beyond that community’s boundaries.

During my recent trip to Eastern Europe, I got taken for a ride in a taxi (taksi in Lithuanian) that was more than I expected. Learn from my experience about how being prepared could have prevented my extended ride and how it helped me recover once I knew something was amiss.

Taxi (Taksi) Cabs in Vilnius, Lithuania

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