It’s been said there are two certainties in life; death and taxes. Unfortunately for over 300,000 taxpayers, this also included getting their tax records stolen. I should know, it happened to me this year. Imagine my surprise when my CPA told me that somebody had already filed taxes under my Social Security Number. Eventually, I was able to file my taxes by mail and receive my refund…albeit five months late. It may be a while before the full extent of the IRS data breach becomes evident, in the meantime over a quarter million people will have to keep a close eye on their credit.

Data breaches are a fact of life nowadays, if you haven’t been affected by one yet chances are you will be in the future. Being prepared isn’t just about preparing for an unlikely event like a total collapse of society, it is about dealing with common events like data breaches. Keeping a close eye on your financial accounts and credit report is almost as important as securing your home. The Better Business Bureau has some advice on what to do in the event of a data breach, you can also find some helpful information over at CardRatings. What’s important is you remain vigilant when it comes to your finances because it can become a taxing matter in more ways than one.