There won’t be any posts for a few days while I take a break from work and writing. Every now and then we all need a respite from the daily grind, I certainly need one now. So I am going to follow the example of Myka and Sophie for a few days.

SSS guard bostons

It’s important to be well-rested and fresh so your body is prepared for the unexpected. Take good care of yourself and I will be back in a few days.

I’ve made a few changes to my wood-burning fireplace over the last few weeks that will make it more efficient and effective at heating my house. While my fireplace won’t get as much use here in Arizona compared to other parts of the country, it is still a nice feature to have.

great wall of fire

Many years ago I used to scoff at the notion of having a fireplace in Arizona but over the years I have come to appreciate the wisdom of having one.

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One of my first posts was on the First Firearm that I purchased. That article has become the most popular article I have written to date, maybe because many other people have recently done likewise. My intent was to add more firearms to my inventory but job and financial considerations stymied those efforts. The good news is that with (relatively) stable employment and improving finances, I was able to purchase my second firearm a few days ago. Here is a picture of it…

This is SIG Sauer’s newest full-sized 9mm pistol, the P320.

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