Back when I had Cable TV, I would scan through the channels from time to time looking for a show to watch. There was one in particular that I could only watch a few episodes of because it was so disturbing.


You can read a good summary here but the what it boils down to is some people chronically hoard possessions to the point where it adversely affects their well-being. In most episodes, there is an intervention staged and an engagement with professional help to assist the hoarder with their situation. Truth be told, this is a very disturbing show to watch, akin to another A&E series…Intervention.

Over the past few years, what has struck me is how many people exhibit similar, albeit less extreme, examples of this behavior. For example, when I drive through my neighborhood I see garages packed with stuff. Everything from boxes to mattresses to tools and other sundry items, it’s all jammed in there. Forget about parking a bicycle, much less an automobile, in one of those garages! It’s almost as if some homeowners have an urge to pack their domicile to the gills with stuff, even if they can’t get to it readily.

Keep in mind that being a prepper doesn’t require you to have massive amounts of everything. To do so would be a waste of resources and space that could be more effectively used elsewhere. Think about what events are actually likely and how long those events would last. Forget about TEOTWAWKI, think instead of an extended power outage, severe weather, or a prolonged period of unemployment. Those are the types of events one should prepare for, which won’t require a garage full of stuff.

The takeaway from all this, is take stock of what you have now and determine if you are likely to need it. Having the right amount of equipment, supplies, and (most importantly) knowledge on-hand is more important than hoarding as much as you can store.