What is Smart Suburban Survival?

Smart Suburban Survival (SSS) is designed to help people prepare for emergencies by offering information and products through this website.  The intended audience is individuals and families living in single family domiciles located within residential communities.  Many of the principles discussed on this website will also apply to those living in either rural or high-density settings, but the focus is on suburban residents.

SSS concentrates on preparing for likely situations you and your family may encounter.  We won’t focus on killer asteroids, thermonuclear war, global pandemics, or other TEOTWAWKI events when discussing preparation.  Our goal is to get you ready for the emergencies you are likely to face so you can take practical steps TODAY to get ready for them.

SSS is also a constant work in progress.  Preparation is a journey involving continuous improvement and refinement.  As we learn more, we will share this information so you can decide whether it is applicable to your circumstances.  One concept that we will stress is principles because everybody’s situation will be different and there can be multiple ways of accomplishing the same task.  So make sure you come back to our page on a regular basis in order to benefit from the knowledge that we accumulate over time.

Lastly, SSS is operated by normal people with regular lives.  We want to share information that can help you when things go wrong so that you and your family are prepared.  This will allow greater peace of mind during good times and confidence during bad times.  Our goal is to have more people prepared so that both individuals and communities can remain resilient even in the face of calamities.

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