About a year ago, I was having problems with the batteries in one of my vehicles. But before I took the battery into my local auto parts store, I decided to purchase a Save A Battery device to see if I could bring my battery back to life. Since I was already thinking about purchasing a battery charger of some sort, necessity was the mother of invention and I got one. So I finally got around to writing a review on it, so keep on reading and learn about this useful tool.

save a battery

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Over the last few years, the tactical tomahawk has become more visible both in stores and within the prepper community. Part of the reason for this is it can perform several functions yet not take up a lot of space. Think of it as a axe version of a multi-tool, akin to what the e-tool is to shovels. Anyway, there was a good article on tomahawks over at Gizmodo that is worth a read. It gives a good overview of why they are so useful and what features to look for before purchasing one. I am in the market for one myself so I am going to heed my own advice and keep this information in mind before purchasing my tomahawk.