Over the last few years, Islamic terrorists have targeted concerts in large Western cities. The result has been carnage and fear, but also a lot of confusion. Why would radical Muslims engage in concert jihad? Take a few moments and watch this YouTube video, which will help explain why.

The first step in achieving victory is to know your enemy. Even if the corporate media and political elites won’t acknowledge reality, normal civilians can and take appropriate precautions.

Why have so many recent ISIS attacks involved automobiles? Vehicle jihad gained notoriety when a moon god-worshiping coward terrorist killed over 80 civilians in Nice, France during Bastille Day celebrations. It happened again, this time in London during a busy Saturday night. So why is this form of terrorism becoming more popular? To help explain why, David Wood looks at Islam’s foundational documents.

Unfortunately, we are likely to see more of these vehicle jihads in the coming years.

Let’s say you own a shotgun for home defense, millions of people do. The next question is what sort of ammunition do you use in aforementioned weapon? My original load-out for my first firearm was #4 birdshot…which isn’t the best round to use. Here is a video that explains what sort of ammunition you should use.

Here’s the deal, none of us knows it all. I will be the first to admit that I got my ammunition choice wrong, along with other things from my early prepping days. That is ok, all of us can live, learn, and adopt to new information. My attitude is that I can always learn something new and apply it to my life. You should do the same.

Most burglars break into a house via a door (56%), so it is important to make these entry points more resilient to forced entry. According to the FBI, over 1.5 million burglary attempts were made on residential structures in 2010. It makes sense to protect your home against this type of crime, one way to do this is by installing Door Armor.

Besides this; I also installed a new fiberglass door, lock hardware, and a single-side deadbolt to my front door. This has made my home more resistant to forced entry and a less-appealing target for a would-be thief. I strongly recommend that you install Door Armor on all your entryways in order to reduce your changes of being a victim of crime. For less than $80 a door, your home can have a superior level of safety and protection. Click here to order, you will glad you did!

A while back I wrote about installing light-commercial grade locks at my house. Good locks are an essential layer to add to your home’s defenses, along with other measures. The reason is simple, most lock hardware is easy to defeat with a $3 bump key. Here is a video from my local locksmith that shows how lock bumping works as well as hardware that is resistant to it.

I purchased my lock hardware from this store, which cost me more than if I had purchased it from my local big box store. However, the higher quality components that you get are worth the extra marginal dollars you will pay. Plus, knowing that my house is more resistant to intruders gives me peace of mind that is priceless. So consider upgrading your locks if you have a chance to do so, I did and haven’t thought twice about it.

Invest in your home’s security, your safety is worth it!

A lot of Americans are concerned that our nation’s porous southern border with Mexico represents security major security risk. It could serve as a conduit for Islamic radicals to infiltrate the US and carry out attacks. What is less known and rarely talked about is the situation on the northern border with Canada.

Now many Americans will scoff at the idea that ISIS or other Islamist groups have a Canadian launchpad for its operations. John Schindler recently wrote a piece for the Observer where he discusses this subject in depth. Read the whole post, but keep this particular sentence in mind:

Thanks to large-scale immigration, a permissive environment that emphasizes multiculturalism over assimilation and overwhelmed security agencies, Canada now possesses a domestic radicalism threat that Americans need to be talking about.

From a preparedness perspective, it is important to remember that threats can emerge from unexpected directions. Canada is a peaceful and safe country for the most part, but it has a growing community of radical Islamists who will attempt to carry out terrorist attacks in the USA. Just like crossing the street, it is important to look both ways to see if there is a threat…

Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.

Credit: Ricochet

One could say that Big Government begat Big Law. Jon Gabriel over at Ricochet delves into this issue and delivers this gem:

A state dedicated to ever-expanding rules requires ever-increasing enforcement. For years we’ve seen SWAT-style raids over organic farming, zoning violations and minor drug infractions. We meekly accept “free-speech zones” on college campuses and at political conventions, in which dissent is corralled into cages and supervised by armed guards.

The expansion of the state naturally encroaches upon the rights of the governed, which creates mistrust between the two. As we have seen in Ferguson, MO, this can have harmful affects that are felt far beyond that community’s boundaries.

Just so you know, I am a big fan of Mike Rowe.  Of course his extended apprenticeships on Dirty Jobs are now a part of pop culture history, along with his narration on Deadliest Catch and others series.  He’s even done commercials for Lee Jeans and Ford Trucks over the past few years.  What I like about him though is he is actually doing something about the skills gap that currently exists in the workforce.  All good things, but then he does a commercial for Wal-Mart and the Leftists throw a fit.

Mike Rowe

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