One September 12th, I was flying to Minnesota from Phoenix.  For over an hour, we experienced serious turbulence as we flew over Utah and Colorado.  After I landed, I found out why.

Credit: AP Photo/Earth Vision Trust

The Colorado flooding has been catastrophic, some towns may be uninhabitable for months due to contamination and flood damage.  While the death tool has been fairly low, damage to infrastructure and property has been extensive.  Some estimates put the value of the damage in excess of $2 billion. has a lot of good information about how to prepare for floods, so make sure you check out their site to get a start on preparing for this type of disaster.  In addition, be aware that anyplace that gets rained on is vulnerable to flooding.  Even if you live in the desert southwest, you can experience flash floods due to seasonal monsoons or heavy winter rains.  Use the Colorado flooding disaster as a catalyst to prepare for it in your neighborhood.  After all, heavy rains and flooding can strike your community without warning so be prepared before they happen.