Even though its October, its still hurricane season.

Credit: NBC News

Tropical Storm Karen is currently threatening the Gulf Coast and will hit land soon.  Regardless of whether it remains a tropical storm or becomes a hurricane, this storm is going to cause damage in the area.  If you live in the Southeastern US, hopefully you are prepared for what’s coming.

Storms like Karen represent a multifaceted threat to people who live near coastal areas.  Tropical Storms/Hurricanes can have a devastating impact due to:

  • Storm Surge
  • High Winds
  • Inland Flooding
  • Blackouts
  • Water contamination
  • Infrastructure damage

If you want to learn more about how to prepare for these, check out the NOAA website on Hurricane Preparedness.  Its a great resource that goes into much more depth and provides helpful details for those who live in coastal areas.  Even if you live inland, take some time to learn about the after affects of tropical storms and hurricanes.  Often times these storm can spawn heavy rains, flooding, tornadoes, and high winds far from the coast.

The good news is that these storms move relatively slowly, which gives people time to evacuate if necessary.  Make sure you have at least a half tank of fuel in your vehicle, have your go-bag packed, and keep your ears open for any evacuation announcements.  If you are ready, getting out of the storm’s path will be a minor inconvenience that will lead to safety.