There are some disasters that you can’t prepare for, like a supervolcano.

Credit: Discovery Volcano

Take the one under Yellowstone National Park for instance.  One of the reasons why there are so many geysers is due to the large amounts of magma lurking underneath the surface.  According to this article in the New York Post, the magma chamber is over twice as large as originally estimated.  The upshot of this is when the next eruption occurs, it could wipe out large portions of the US.

Such a disaster would be so massive and devastating, its all but impossible to survive it.  The scale of the destruction combined with the impact on both infrastructure and the environment means an eruption would be a global catastrophe.  So preparing for this event really isn’t worth your time.

Now why am I saying this?

The point is there are some events that nobody can adequately prepare for.  A better use of your time and resources is to plan for events that are both likely and survivable.  In the next year the vast majority of humanity is more likely to experience a power outage than have to contend with a massive volcanic eruption.  The smart move is to plan for the power outage because probability says it is likely to happen.  So think about what is most likely to happen and prepare for it.