I wrote a review on the Anker Astro Mini over at Survival Life, which means you should go over there and read it. Everybody should have a battery of some sort to charge their portable electronic devices, especially since most of us are dependent on our smart phones. Nowadays, the prices for good, high-capacity battery chargers is low enough so that everybody can purchase at least one of them. So hop on over to Survival Life, read my review, increase your wisdom, and become more prepared.

The first article I wrote for Survival Life was a review of the Sunjack 14w Portable Solar Charger. Everybody should have multiple power backup sources for their battery-powered devices (i.e., cell phones) in case of an extended power outage. If you live in an area that gets a lot of sunlight, a solar battery charger is a good option. Read the review and decide for yourself if the Sunjack is right for you.


A few weeks ago, there was a massive blackout that affected hundreds of thousands of citizens in Ukraine. It wasn’t just any blackout either, it was an intentional blackout caused by hackers that targeted electrical power transmission systems. As Fast Company writes:

The attack is significant because it’s the first known time malware has been used to disrupt critical physical civilian services. Until this time most cyber attacks that have directly affected the public have remained in the realm of digital-–think the Target credit card hack or the Ashley Madison breach.

This blackout took place in the middle of winter and was intended to cause maximum harm. Remember that Russia and Ukraine are locked in a smoldering conflict over territory, so this event was another front in this particular war.

The takeaway from all this is that nation-states, hacktavists, terrorists, and criminal syndicates will target key infrastructures like electrical power grids. This means the power will not always be on when you need it, perhaps for long periods during inconvenient times of the year. Plan accordingly.