I’ve owned a Streamlight Nano for a couple of years now and have found it to be a useful backup light. It has gone with me on several overseas trips and has come in handy a few times when I needed illumination. You can read my review of this useful little LED unit over at Survival Life. SPOILER ALERT: I like it a lot.


Its small, light, bright, durable, and field-tested…the Pelican PM6 3330 is a VERY impressive LED flashlight.

Pelican PM6 3330 LED Flashlight

This flashlight packs a lot of punch and functionality into a package that’s perfect in many applications.  Mine is clipped to the outside of my Go Bag but I’m going to buy another couple for other kits.  The thing I love about this flashlight is it is bright and uses a button to control the light.

Why is this so important?

Sometimes, you need to use a light to signal in an emergency situation (S-O-S) and having a one-handed tail switch that allows the operator to choose between constant light or momentary flashes is an important feature.  Perhaps that is why Pelican is used by the military units and police departments around the world.

Another great aspect of this flashlight is the material its made of.  The unit is made out of Xenoy polymer that is durable, water-resistant, and heat-resistant.  Its also easy to handle because it does not get slippery when wet!  The PM6 3330 uses CR123 Lithium batteries too, which means greater performance and brighter light than flashlights that use regular alkaline batteries.  It has a 40 hour run time too, so it will be able to offer a lot of performance for an extended period of time.

Oh and it is bright!

Last and not least, its another fine Made in the USA product.  It incorporates innovation, quality, and great design in a useful tool that everybody needs.  I have one, I use it, and I recommend it so get one next time you are looking for a flashlight.

Overall Rating:  9/10

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Having a reliable light source is important during an emergency or a power outage.  In previous posts, I have reviewed flashlights, emergency lights, and headlamps.  In this post, I’ll review a larger light that you will want to have in your home.

The Energizer Weather Ready LED Night Light is a hand-held lantern that has multiple lighting modes that can be used depending upon the situation.  It can fold open and provide 360º illumination or it can remain folded and offer more directional lighting.  It has a night light which uses very little power along with a two multi-mode LED lights that have two brightness settings.  According to the manufacturer, this unit can provide 135 hours of operation on one set (4x D-cells) of batteries.  This is a long time and will come in handy during extended power outages.

I’ve had a pair of these for several years now and really like them.  They are rugged and have worked well during the last few power outages.  Lanterns like this complement the other flashlights and emergency lights I keep around the house, so I am glad I have these.  Normally, I keep one in the kitchen and one in my closet although you could also carry one of these in your car or keep one in your office.

Next time you see one of these online or at a local retailer, pick one up and see what I am talking about.  Small, compact lights are great to have but sometimes, you need a big lantern like this to really light things up.

Overall Rating:  7/10

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A while back, I discovered how useful headlamps were.  They are a lot easier to work with than carrying a flashlight and whatever they lack in light output, they more than make up for with hands-free operation.  So I purchased a Petzl Tikka Plus several years ago at REI and LOVE IT!  Its one of the best purchases I have made, so I got another one for my Bug Out Bag.

Why do I like it so much?  The four LEDs put out a good amount of light and have multiple modes (three brightness settings plus strobe function) you can use.  It weighs less than 3 ounces and has a comfortable, adjustable headband that is just the right thickness for adult human heads.  I’ve used mine on camping trips for many years and don’t know how I lived without one.

Petzl makes a wide range of other quality products like this one.  If you are looking for a headlamp, this one is hard to beat.

Overall Rating:  9/10

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Its always good to have flashlights available for when things go wrong.  I my opinion, its even better to have one of these handy.

The classic Maglite 5 cell D is a great flashlight to have.  Its been used by police, fire and rescue, and military units from around the world for decades because of its legendary reliability.  Its manufactured from aircraft aluminum and is remarkably strong yet lightweight for its size.  It comes in many sizes but I’m going to focus this review on the 5-cell D version.

Why get this particular flashlight?  Well, its a multipurpose too; it can act as a flashlight, baton, and hammer when needed.  It is long, heavy, and strong which makes it a handy baton in a defensive situation.  Also, if you have to break glass to escape from a room (ex. during a fire) this flashlight is strong enough to do so.  Oh, and it produces a lot of light too.  The one I have uses an incandescent bulb, which can be focused from a wide cone to a narrow beam by twisting the top.  Maglite also manufacturers LED versions of this and other size flashlights.

The Maglite also has the twin virtues of being manufactured in the USA and widely available.  I purchased mine at Fry’s Electronics for less than $25 and see them at sporting goods stores and other retailers.  Parts are widely available too since Maglites have proven so popular since their introduction.  Their quality is second to none as well, meaning that a well-maintained Maglite will last for many years.

If you have a moment, read the story of Mag Instrument, Inc. and its founder Anthony Maglica.

Overall Rating: 10/10

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Several years ago I decided to purchase some indoor emergency lights for my house.  I wanted to have lights in strategic places in case the power went out so I could find my way around my house.  Ask anyone who has been in a blackout, even a little bit of light helps.

I purchased a pair of Durofix RL435 Li-Ion LED Lights at Costco and decided to try them out.  I really liked them, they were bright, simple to install, and had a good design.  In fact, I purchased three pair of them over the next two months and placed them throughout my house.  Eventually, the power went out and the lights came on, they worked as designed.

However, over time a couple of my Durofix RL435 Li-Ion LED Lights stopped charging and eventually stopped working.  I did some basic fault isolation to see if the issue was the electrical outlet or the light.  The problem was definitely in the LED lights and I decided to crack open the case to see if I could swap the battery for a new one.

The inside is as plain as the outside is stylish.  All the pieces are there but none of them are replaceable, including the battery.  The leads to the battery are soldered on to the unit, which wrapped in a brown paper wrapper with only Chinese markings on it.  So if something fails in this unit, it becomes a paperweight.

Overall, the Durofix RL435 Li-Ion LED Light is not a bad product but its also not a great one either.  A 33% failure rate after about a year is not acceptable even for low-end residential products.  The four ones that still work are doing fine and I haven’t had any problems with them, so maybe there was bad quality control at the factory for the two inoperable units.  Regardless, my recommendation is that you opt for a different brand when looking for emergency lighting for your house.

Overall Rating:  3/10

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