What is the motivation for the surge in firearms purchases in recent years? Some of it is motivated by fear, mostly due to politicians threatening to restrict civil rights like the Second Amendment. Another aspect though is the realization that an armed representative of The State will not be around to protect you. After all, bad things happen…especially when guys like this show up.


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Other day I read an interesting post about the Five Nevers of Self Defense. It was written by a former Special Forces who writes about weapons and related matters. Here is a summary of the five nevers:

  1. NEVER go with the assailant to a second location.
  2. NEVER give up your gun.
  3. NEVER get in a car with someone threatening you with a gun.
  4. NEVER let someone tie you up.
  5. NEVER give up. Never give in. Never surrender. Run, fight, attack.

Read the whole article and give it some thought. It could save your life someday.

HT to Ace of Spades

Many new gun owners (like myself) grew-up in households that didn’t own firearms. Recently though, millions of Americans have decided to arm themselves and become more proficient with firearms. The reason for this, as Rachel Lu writes:

…gun culture at its best is rooted in a desire to protect, and especially to protect the people we love. Even for those who are unlikely to need deadly force for that purpose, there can still be significance to having the capacity. The point isn’t that the police are untrustworthy. Part of the point is that the police can’t be everywhere at once. Even more importantly, though, fathers naturally feel on a deep level that they, not the state, are the primary protectors of their families.

Perhaps this sums up why so many people are in-sourcing their personal protection these days.

If you still aren’t sure about what to get the people on your gift list, a Road ID is a great option.

Road ID Bands

I’ve written about the importance of having identification and medical information on you at all times.  Road ID makes several different products that meet this critical need and help keep you safe.  Here are some ones to consider giving this year:

  • Wrist ID Bands
  • Ankle ID Bands
  • Shoe ID
  • Dogtags
  • Scout pet tags
  • Supernova flashing lights
  • Reflective bands
  • Reflective shoelaces

You can also purchase gift cards for the Road ID Store.

Take the time to read some of the testimonials from satisfied customers and you’ll see how important having one of these products is.  It could save your life while training, shopping, working, hiking, camping, swimming, or around the house.  Having a Road ID is an important part of being prepared for the unexpected, both for you and your loved ones.  If you buy anything during this holiday season, get some identification products from Road ID.

A while back I wrote about the importance of hardening door jambs and hinges against break-in attempts.  Since we’re on the topic of holiday gift ideas, why not give EZ Armor to homeowners on your list?

Armor Concepts EZ Armor

Why give EZ Armor?

  • It reinforces all the weak points of your door;  the jamb, the hinges, and locks
  • All pieces are made from powder-coated galvanized steel, making it resistant to corrosion
  • Police departments have tested it and recommend it
  • EZ Armor is Made in the USA

I have these installed on both my front door and garage door.  Its a quality product that I believe in and recommend to everybody who has a house with wood door frames.  EZ Armor provides a robust layer of security that you can add to your home protection plan.  For less than $80 per door its affordable too.

You can learn more about the full range of Armor Concepts products by going here.  Once you have determined the right products, click here to order them.  Give the gift of better security this holiday season, you will be glad you did.

What do burglaries, assaults, murders, rapes, kidnappings, armed robberies, road rage, domestic disputes, angry confrontation, harassment, stalking, and other crimes have in common?  It can be summed up with three words:

Somebody Else’s Problem (SEP)

Let’s face it, that’s what most of us think.  Bad things happen to other people because “it couldn’t happen here” or “we live in a safe neighborhood” or some other rationalization.  That is, until it happens to us or somebody we know, then the problem quickly becomes real.

If you’re not prepared, when SEP suddenly becomes YOUR problem, it could end badly.

The first step in dealing with this mindset is to change it.  Don’t think that somebody else isn’t going to help you, prepare to help yourself instead.  This can take many forms but the most important action is to become more observant and develop situational awareness.  More than any other tool, the human mind is the most valuable one for dealing with a wide range of scenarios.  Train your mind and you will go a long way towards becoming your own first responder.

Many of us work for companies where firearms are prohibited on-premises.  That means carrying a pistol on your person is not an option at the office, which eliminates one effective self-defense tool.  However, there are some non firearm weapons that can be used in an emergency situation.  A few weeks ago there was a good post on this subject over at Team Gun Blogger that discusses this subject.  However, I disagree with one of the items on the because of legal ramifications…wasp spray.  Federal Law prohibits the use of pesticides “in a manner inconsistent with its labeling” and proscribes penalties, including imprisonment, for violating those laws.  My suggestion is that you omit wasp spray as a self-defense tool.

So what should a prepared person have in the office?  Here are a few worth considering but before bringing any of them into the office, read all of the security rules for your workplace:

  • Flashlight
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Hammer
  • Multi-tool blades
  • Folding knife
  • Sock full of coins
  • Cane or walking stick
  • Pepper spray

The most important item though is the one you already have, your brain.  As Kevin writes:

…the most powerful weapon you have (and the only one you really need) is what’s in-between your ears. Situational awareness, or paying attention to what you’re paying attention to, will help you avoid the trouble in the first place.

So pay attention and equip yourself with the appropriate self-defense tools that are allowed at your workplace.

Despite what some people say, appearances matter.  When it comes to hardening your home, looks say a lot about whether a house is occupied or not.

Credit: WAVY TV

In this picture, one house appears unkempt while the one next door appears well-maintained.  If a thief was scouting the area, he would conclude that the house with the un-mowed grass was unoccupied, meaning it would be an easier target.  If a house had several days worth of newspapers sitting in the driveway or a trashcan sitting on the curb on a non-trash day, the same conclusion could be drawn. Consider another possibility;  a house with a clean, well-maintained yard, no newspapers or flyers laying around, a security system sign along with decals on the windows, a “Beware of Dog” sign by the back yard, and working exterior lights.  If there is an automobile parked in the driveway, high-quality locks, and door reinforcement so much the better.  In other words, a house that appears to be occupied. Which one do you think is more likely to get broken into? Appearances matter folks.

Who’s at the door?  There’s one easy and fairly inexpensive way to find out, its also a great way of hardening your home.  Here’s a clue…

Peep Hole

Having a peep-hole in an external door will allow you to see who is at the door.  This is crucial because only Superman can see through solid objects.  Knowing who is outside is critical information because the easiest way for a bad guy to gain entry into a home is for somebody to let him in.

I’ll admit that this was one of the last items I installed in my house, years after I put in my security system and exterior lights.  Looking back, it should have been the first item I installed, along with better locks.  Thankfully, my lack of a peep-hole never resulted in any problems but I don’t recommend putting this off.  If you don’t have one installed already, get one installed ASAP because the money you spend on this item (circa $20) can make your home much safer.