Over the last few years, I have become increasingly frustrated with my legacy security system. I’ve been looking for an alternative and found one in the form of Simplisafe. You’ve probably heard the ads for it on the radio over the last year or so, it’s been getting a lot of attention. So I decided to contribute to the clattering by writing my own review for it on the Survival Life site. It’s really good, inexpensive, and easy to install so consider Simplisafe for your home.


Even new garage doors have inherent vulnerabilities which make them susceptible to thieves. One of these is the emergency release, which allows the door to be disconnected from the garage door opener. As you can see in this video, it doesn’t take long to break into a garage.

The good news is you can mitigate this threat and it will only cost you a few minutes and around $20.

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I purchased my current house over six years ago and have made numerous improvements to it. Some of the security upgrades include installing new doors, reinforcing door jambs, installing better locks, adding a single-side deadbolt, purchasing a home security system, updated the exterior lights, replacing my front gate, and putting a peep hole in my front door. The one area that I didn’t have a chance to update was my garage door…until last week that is.

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A while back I wrote about installing light-commercial grade locks at my house. Good locks are an essential layer to add to your home’s defenses, along with other measures. The reason is simple, most lock hardware is easy to defeat with a $3 bump key. Here is a video from my local locksmith that shows how lock bumping works as well as hardware that is resistant to it.

I purchased my lock hardware from this store, which cost me more than if I had purchased it from my local big box store. However, the higher quality components that you get are worth the extra marginal dollars you will pay. Plus, knowing that my house is more resistant to intruders gives me peace of mind that is priceless. So consider upgrading your locks if you have a chance to do so, I did and haven’t thought twice about it.

Invest in your home’s security, your safety is worth it!

The vast majority of break-in occur through the front door. This is because most front doors in American homes are fairly easy for a criminal to break into. However, one can make a front door more resilient to would-be burglars by installing better entry doors. I recently did this and wanted to share my experience with hardening my home in this manner.

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