For a few days, I had a chance to test my preparedness. It wasn’t anything life-threatening or urgent but it did give me an opportunity to see how ready I am for the unexpected. The experience was one I need to repeat in other areas too, but for now the water filtration test was a successful one. After all, when your reverse osmosis faucet slows to a trickle it’s time to take action.


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Sometimes a hidden problem can cause issues over a long period of time. What’s maddening about this is that the damage is difficult to discern and the affects not immediately traceable to the root cause. I had such an issue that cost me a lot of money and frustration before I was finally able to get it resolved. Hopefully you can learn from my experience so you don’t encounter a similar problem.

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If you ever have to shut off the water supply to your house, you will need one of these.

The technical name for this devices is a T-Handle Water Meter Key, but most people I know just call it a “T-Handle.”  Its a long steel rod with a handle on one end and a notch on the other.  To turn the water off, put the notch on the meter stub and turn right (clockwise).  To turn the water back on, turn the stub left (counter-clockwise).  You can watch a short YouTube video on how to do this too.

Make sure you have one of these handy because water leaks, equipment failures, and ruptures do happen.  I have used mine a few times over the last few years and will never be without one.  T-Handles aren’t expensive and you can purchase them online or at most hardware stores.  If you don’t have one, buy one today!

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