Looks like the Earth narrowly escaped being hit with a massive solar flare.

Credit: Space.com

This could have been a VERY BIG problem for a variety of reasons.  A Solar flare can cause massive damage to electronics, electrical transmission systems, and wireless communications.  You can read about a super solar flare from the 19th Century by clicking here, just imagine the impact a similar event would have today…

The good news is that damaging solar flares are relatively rare and don’t always cause widespread damage to electronics.  However, they can impact the electrical grid and cause widespread power failures.  The loss of power is the most dangerous aspect of solar flares since modern society is dependent on a reliable source of electrical power.  This is why having generators and/or batteries is so important in disaster planning.

In future articles, I will discuss topics like backup power and what to do during extended power outages.  For now, be aware that electrical power is vulnerable to solar flares and other natural phenomena.