A few weeks ago, I read a fascinating post about how active shooter scenarios would play out if some of the participants were CCW permit holders. It is worth your time to read and watch the accompanying video segments. I won’t reveal any spoilers but they key takeaway is this:

Weapons trainer Travis Bond said the best way to overcome the unknown is to prepare for it. “By going through the training and experiencing different things — and specifically looking for opportunities to engage, and knowing when not to engage — is as important as anything,”

This has applications beyond the (unlikely) event of various active shooter scenarios at work. Think about how you can gain experience at various activities in a safe, controlled setting so that you can learn without exposing yourself to risk. This will equip you with knowledge that you can apply in emergency situations.

HT to Kevin at Misfires and Light Strikes.


So you purchased a new firearm in 2015, congratulations on your purchase! It was a record year for gun sales and for many buyers, this was their first weapon. Buying a firearm is only the first step though, to be effective and safe one has to acquire skills. The good news is there are some drills you can do to develop proficiency with guns. Kevin discusses pistol drills for new owners over at Ricochet, which I highly suggest you do when you have a moment. These are a good starting point for learning how to effectively use your new pistol and will help guide your training. Learn the Four Rules and commit them to memory too, these will keep you safe while handling firearms. Remember too that owning a gun is a responsibility that one must take seriously. The anti-Civil Rights crowd will use any excuse or incident to push their agenda of firearms confiscation. Don’t give them the ammunition to do so; be safe, become proficient, and enjoy your new gun!