A lot of Americans are concerned that our nation’s porous southern border with Mexico represents security major security risk. It could serve as a conduit for Islamic radicals to infiltrate the US and carry out attacks. What is less known and rarely talked about is the situation on the northern border with Canada.

Now many Americans will scoff at the idea that ISIS or other Islamist groups have a Canadian launchpad for its operations. John Schindler recently wrote a piece for the Observer where he discusses this subject in depth. Read the whole post, but keep this particular sentence in mind:

Thanks to large-scale immigration, a permissive environment that emphasizes multiculturalism over assimilation and overwhelmed security agencies, Canada now possesses a domestic radicalism threat that Americans need to be talking about.

From a preparedness perspective, it is important to remember that threats can emerge from unexpected directions. Canada is a peaceful and safe country for the most part, but it has a growing community of radical Islamists who will attempt to carry out terrorist attacks in the USA. Just like crossing the street, it is important to look both ways to see if there is a threat…

The recent Paris terrorist attacks show that militant Islam remains a threat no matter where you live. While other events or disasters are more likely, attacks on unarmed civilians by Muslim extremists will continue to be a problem for the foreseeable future. Therefore it is wise prepare for these types of events, which I have mentioned in previous posts.

After all, you can’t carry around a FAMAS every time you leave your abode.

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Even thought today is April 1st, this story is no joke.  I mean, when the subject is whether mashed potatoes are a solid or a liquid you know that a government agency is Taking Sense Away from its mission.  As Jason Harrington wrote about this act of security theater:

Since the potatoes took the shape of their container, they were determined to be a liquid—specifically, a gel. That’s the official TSA line. “Liquids, aerosols and gels over 3.4 ounces cannot be brought through security.” The potatoes were forcibly surrendered.

Remember folks, these government employees are responsible for preventing future terrorist attacks.  Feel safer now?

For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction.  Newton’s Third Law may also apply in the political realm with respect to the Syrian Civil War.  While I hope this does not happen, a US attack against the government of Syria could lead to increased violence.  This could come in the form of increased terrorist attacks in the US, Europe, and Israel along with the risk of a wider war with Iran.

Add chemical weapons to the mix and you have a recipe for disaster.

Serious question, what is the status of your preparations as of today?  Who knows, tomorrow may bring unexpected events without warning.  Pro tip:  be ready for a rough ride if and when the US and/or European countries get involved in the Syrian Civil War.

Imagine this city without power or fiber optic data connectivity…

San Francisco, CA

I was reading Bob Owens’ blog when I read this story about a power substation attack back in April and a widespread outage that took place a couple of days ago.  These events may be totally random, isolated incidents.  Another possibility is that somebody is deliberately targeting vulnerable electrical and data nodes in the Bay Area.

…and these are the events that are publicly known.

Now ask yourself what you would do if you suddenly lost power and/or data connectivity.  Do you have flashlights, candles, or other light sources?  How about food that can be prepared without an electric stove?  Have any battery-operated radios that you can use to get information on an outage?  How about your smartphone, do you follow your utility on Twitter?  Think about these and other steps you can take now to prepare for a power outage.  It could happen without warning and really cause a major disruption in your life.  Get started now!