Technology can be a two-edged sword. On the one hand, it gives regular people access to information and provides countless communications channels to convey it. On the other hand, Big Tech installs various tracking tools to gather data on what users are looking for. It’s a bit Orwellian and provides tech criminals with a big target. After all; if Google, Apple, Microsoft, and other tech giants have exabytes of data on their users, wouldn’t hackers want to steal it?

Which brings us to Windows 10.

Many of us current have Windows 10 installed on our devices, as of July 2017 it has been installed on over a third of personal computers in the world. By default, the keylogger that Microsoft included in the operating system is enabled. This means that all those PCs are sending keystrokes and voice information to Microsoft for their analysis. In other words, Big Brother Bill is watching you! But fear not, you can turn off the data spigot to Redmond and regain a little bit more of your privacy. Take a look at this article when you have a chance, it will show you how to turn off the keylogger. It’s a small step but it will help protect your privacy and reduce your exposure to data breaches.

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