Well, the 2016 clown show Election is over and for some the result was…disappointing. However, the results of this election won’t matter as much as people on both sides think. For wise preppers, life goes on no matter who lives in the White House.


We all live in a fallen world that is populated by imperfect people and subject to unexpected events. This has been true since the dawn of time and won’t change appreciably over the next four years. Natural disasters don’t care which party controls Congress and will affect people regardless of who they voted for. Power outages, data breaches, chemical spills, and other man-made disasters will continue to happen as well. Ditto for terrorism, civil unrest, and all manner of crime. The fact is, if anybody expects politicians to “fix” these problems, they are deluding themselves.

The smart course of action is to continue to become better prepared for the unexpected. Don’t let up when your preferred candidate wins and don’t go into panic mode when the other side wins. It doesn’t matter as much as you think, so act that way. Here are some things I am going to continue doing in the coming year:

  • Obtain new skills – My first aid and CPR skills are…rusty. I need to get better at both so I can be ready in this area.
  • Network with others – This means getting back into camping, hiking, and shooting with other guys. You learn a lot from your friends, which I intend on doing more of.
  • Read and learn – There is a lot of information available, both in books and online, that I can benefit from. The key is to allocate time to do this.
  • Practice preparation – Just like with my water filter experience, I need to put my tools and skills to the test from time to time.
  • Live life and enjoy it – Lately I have spent too much time in the office and not enough on the trail. Gotta correct this and enjoy Creation more often.

Notice I didn’t mention obtain a bunch of gear or plan to “bug-out” if TSHTF. Most of us already have plenty of gear, what we really need to focus on are skills and building a network of other people we can interact with. Being prepared is not a lone-wolf activity, in the end it is about becoming a better citizen, neighbor, and friend to those around you. Once you realize that,  election results are placed in their proper perspective.

One thought on “Election 2016 and Preparation

  1. […] As I wrote after the election, life goes on regardless of who occupies the Oval Office. Natural disasters have happened since the beginning of time, they won’t stop now. Same applies to man-made disasters, people will keep making mistakes that result in catastrophic events regardless of who is in power. Think about disease, accidents, crime, fire, hacking, and other events…do you think those will abate anytime soon? If you are honest with yourself and can think critically, you will know that elections will only have a marginal affect on the events you need to prepare for. This means you have to continue the process of becoming more ready and resilient for the unexpected. […]

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