Well, the United States has inaugurated it’s 45th President and undergone a peaceful transition of power. Just like in past elections, life goes on and people make necessary adjustments to the new reality. What’s important is not to put too much faith in a leader and his ability to “fix” things.

crying hillary supporters

After all, some people put their trust in an Earthly prince queen and were…disappointed.

History shows that many leaders come to power with great hopes and expectations, along with the optimism that accompanies new leadership. However, at the end of that leader’s term there is often disappointment and frustration when previous expectations weren’t meant. Think about how many presidencies have ended on a high note in the USA over the past century and apply that to the last election.

Given that, what adjustments should preppers make going forward?

As I wrote after the election, life goes on regardless of who occupies the Oval Office. Natural disasters have happened since the beginning of time, they won’t stop now. Same applies to man-made disasters, people will keep making mistakes that result in catastrophic events regardless of who is in power. Think about disease, accidents, crime, fire, hacking, and other events…do you think those will abate anytime soon? If you are honest with yourself and can think critically, you will know that elections will only have a marginal affect on the events you need to prepare for. This means you have to continue the process of becoming more ready and resilient for the unexpected.

My general advice is to not let optimism or pessimism drive your thinking and actions. The best course of action is to gradually improve your preparations over time and not let up. It’s easy to get comfortable and complacent, heck that’s where most people right now. Don’t do that! Instead, concentrate on the process of preparation by learning useful skills, buying the right products, and networking with like-minded others. Make good use of the time and resources you have now to prepare for future storms because they will happen, you can count on that.

Moreover, politics is cyclical so you can’t count on the current status for a prolonged period of time. Opposition parties either adapt to change, or they die and are replaced by another group that can offer an alternative. Don’t place your faith in flawed human beings or the groups they belong to, instead take greater ownership of the aspects of your life you actually have control over. Waiting or expecting a miracle from “the government” is folly, look outside politics for solutions.

Listen, I didn’t vote for either Trump or Hillary! so I am neither overly excited nor dismayed by the election results. There may be some lasting good come out of a Trump Administration however, just like every other president, there will be mistakes and bad policies that emerge too. In other words, don’t let your expectations Trump reality.

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