The following merchants sell products and services that I recommend to my readers.  Whenever possible I work with companies that make their products in the USA in order to support American manufacturing.  If you need anything to become better prepared, check out the following sites:


Amazon – The biggest market for anything.  My store lists many of the items I have used and reviewed over the years so check it out for some excellent products.

Armor Concepts – Manufacturers of Door Armor, the door jamb reinforcement product that hardens your home against break-ins.  It reinforces the door jamb, hinges, and locks with steel plates that makes doors resistant to forced entry.

Berkey Water Filters – World leader in water purification systems, eliminates harmful substances from water sources.  Water is critical in both everyday and emergency use, Berkey Water Filters ensure you have a clean supply.

Bluehost – The website, email, and domain name host that I use.  Bluehost hosts all their websites in the USA, all their technical support is on-shore too.

Camping Maxx – One-stop shop for camping and outdoor equipment.  This store has it all;  gear, food, and tools…all at reasonable prices.

Garage Shield – The device that prevents thieves from breaking into your garage. Installs without tools in minutes, will protect your garage for years.

Ride-On – Makers of the Ride-On Tire Protection System (TPS).  This amazing product seals punctures, balances tires, and virtually eliminates dry-rot.  Increase the life of your tires while improving your safety, no matter what vehicle you drive.

Road ID – Creators of the life-saving Road ID information band along with high-visibility equipment.  Their gear can keep you safe and provide crucial information to First Responders during an emergency.