Remember a while back, I wrote about why it’s smart to carry cash? Even though I don’t like to carry a lot of cash, I keep some in my pocket at all times just in case. Well, just in case became the case for me one afternoon.

I’ve been having problems with one of my bank debit cards lately. In fact, over the past two months I have had three different cards issues to me due to various security concerns. The good news is that no money went missing and I didn’t have to close any accounts, but the process of reissuing a debit card became a problem recently.

The latest iteration of debit card cancellation and reissue caused a problem when I went shopping. The current card had been cancelled, but the new card had not arrived yet. So when I went to the store to buy a $10 item, my debit card didn’t work. The cashier tried the card a few times and I knew that there was over $1,500 in the account…but it didn’t go through. Thankfully, I had a twenty in my pocket and paid for the item before going home. After I checked my mailbox, I saw the letter stating that my debit card had been cancelled and that a new one was on it’s way. They say timing is everything…

Yes I was frustrated at the bank, particularly since I work for this one! However, having some backup cash came in handy for this unexpected event. That is the whole point of preparation though, you plan for the interruptions and unexpected roadblocks that life invariably throws at you. Being ready doesn’t necessarily mean having 10,000 rounds of ammunition and a bug-out location in the woods. Sometimes it simply means have a few greenbacks on-hand when your debit card doesn’t work.

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