A long time ago I wrote about the importance of checking your batteries. I had just lost a couple of flashlights and had some corroded terminals on some other devices, so I felt compelled to write about it. Since then, I have done a decent job of regularly checking the batteries in my various devices. However, sometimes I forget to take the summer heat of Arizona into account though. A few weeks ago, I was reminded how important it is to take seasonal temperatures into account.

A couple of years ago I purchased some Maglite XL200 LED Flashlights to go into some of my kits. One of these was destined for the car kit because I wanted a bright yet compact flashlight that could be used in multiple signaling modes. It worked well for me but for most of the summer, I forgot to check it’s batteries. What you would expect to happen next…happened. I had yet another ruined flashlight on my hands despite my best efforts to clean it up. Now it’s back to square one for my automotive emergency flashlight.

However, I do have a plan that should help address this problem in the future. I recently purchased several additional Powerex rechargeable batteries to add to my inventory, which means I have a few that I can spare for a new flashlight. The Powerex batteries retain more of their charge for a longer period of time, so I can leave them in my replacement flashlight without worrying about them being dead when I need them. Plus, I will pack some extra ones in the storage box in my trunk in case I need them. This should address my (recurring) problem with leaking batteries.

None of us is perfect, that is for sure. One takeaway from this is to account for mistakes and use more resilient equipment (in this case rechargeable batteries) as a guard against human error. Let’s hope I heed my own advice more often in the months ahead.

What is the motivation for the surge in firearms purchases in recent years? Some of it is motivated by fear, mostly due to politicians threatening to restrict civil rights like the Second Amendment. Another aspect though is the realization that an armed representative of The State will not be around to protect you. After all, bad things happen…especially when guys like this show up.


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Being able to ignite a fire is an essential part of both everyday life and during emergencies. That’s why it is critical to have multiple methods of starting fires, all the fuel in the world doesn’t do you any good if you can’t burn it. I have matches, magnesium ingots, and sparking devices in my inventory. But there is one tool that every household should also have on-hand to start fires. Which brings us to lighters, here are the models I currently own.


I also have a Scripto long-necked lighter but it is almost out of butane and it can’t be refilled so it won’t be in my inventory for much longer.

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Over the last few months, I have obtained some new items that should enable me to become better prepared. None of these are exotic or exceptional by themselves, but they were selected because they add a capability to my overall state of readiness. Preparation is an ongoing process after all, meaning that tools and skills will change over time.

coming attractions

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About a year ago, I was having problems with the batteries in one of my vehicles. But before I took the battery into my local auto parts store, I decided to purchase a Save A Battery device to see if I could bring my battery back to life. Since I was already thinking about purchasing a battery charger of some sort, necessity was the mother of invention and I got one. So I finally got around to writing a review on it, so keep on reading and learn about this useful tool.

save a battery

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It’s hard to imagine that an isolated, backwards nation enveloped in darkness can be effective at cyber attacks. Then again, the DPRK has proven remarkably persistent and successful in causing problems over the last seven decades. Apparently, the limited electrical power that is available in the country is being used to cause problems south of the DMZ.


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